Dragon? I see nooooo dragon up in here…

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Last Rites got hit with the psy stick for the first time through a series of incredibly unfortunate events on sunday. Ignorance mixed with stupid blizzard game mechanics and psy thrown in on the side created epic fail for 25 other innocent people expecting to kill us a malygos…./sigh.

Lets just say it had something to do with me, a 5 man heroic group for the oculus, and a used raid ID that i was unaware of. Basically i wondered into the wrong portal while looking for the entrance to the oculus. Wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except that apparently the group i was in had cleared heroic malygos earlier in the week and acquired a raid ID for that instance and even though i was NOT in a raid group i got saved to it the instant i zoned in /cry.

Well that’s not really all…

That happened a couple days before our scheduled raid to kill malygos and since i hadn’t been in any 25 mans for the week i was unaware of my saved status concerning the eye of eternity. So when we got to the eye and i zoned in and there was no dragon we just thought it was one of those buggy blizzard things right? Wrong…

The solution we came up with of course was to make me leader and have me zone in first…

As that was happening Kwalan started asking my some questions concerning my raid ID such as…”Psy, have you been in here this week?”


“Do you see the dragon?”


“In your raid log do you have a raid ID for heroic eye of eterenity?”


And before anyone could say DON”T GO IN!!!! 4 others had already done been zoned in and saved to my ninja raid ID acquired through my failzorgs 5man heroic oculus group…

You done been punk’d fool!?!! o.O Nopes, no Ashton Kutcher for us just little ol me and my saved self.

I haven’t even been 80 for a week and it’s already started MUWAHAHAHA!


I’s sowry everyone:(


P.S. Just for the record everyone involved handled the whole fiasco with kindness even though it was incredibly dissapointing and set our guild progression back an entire week. I didn’t even get one angry tell although i did get spammed with /hug from several of my guildies.  Special thanks to our raid leaders who took the time to explain the fight and organize us into 10 mans after our debacle and i’m still waiting for my hug from oxxy…./hug?


Naxx and Naked time

•December 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

Last night was my first 25 man with LR and i have to tell you i feel a little out of my league. Organized? Prepared? No loot drama? I must be on a different planet. I was woefully under geared having just hit 80 mere hours earlier but for some reason i didn’t really feel that out of place….blizzard bug FTW?


Looking forward to going again but i hope i can hit up heroics some and get some better gear. I hate not really being able to contribute more.

❤ y’all


The Only Certainty in Life is Mothers and Dentists

•December 4, 2008 • 4 Comments

My mother was the type of person who made anything and everything the most exciting thing ever.  Most people hate the dentist but for years the dentist was on par to disneyland for me because my first time ever going was with my mother. 

I remember how warm the car was on our way there and the frenzied chitter chatter from my mom all about how awesome the dentist was going to  be.

“Aren’t you excited Teener? The dentist is going to  be soooo cool!” (my full name is Kristina. Teener was my mothers pet name for me often followed by weiner…./sigh ❤ my life)

The more she talked about it the more i wanted to go and apparently i am a very lucky child because i had zero cavities and i think i ended up leaving the dentist office with a sucker?… and a big kiss on my head for being such a perfect kid.

To this day i still love the dentist. My mother apparently has scarred me for life..rofl 😛

She passed away sunday Nov. 30th 2008. Today i burried her in a small plot somewhere in Ohio in a cemetary so small it doesn’t even have an address. Tommorrow i drive and someday soon i’ll make my way home.

I miss you mom and your amazing ability to make life fun even in the most unlikely of places. I know you would have loved warcraft. you were always an adventurer where the best and most enjoyable parts of the adventure were the parts that had people in them.

your loving daughter and friend,

teener weiner

aka psy

Situational Awareness

•November 27, 2008 • 1 Comment

Situation awareness, or SA, is the perception of environmental elements within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future.

Situational awareness comes naturally to some more then others IMO. My friend Crankbait is an amazing raider and it really has to do with his overall awareness of what’s going on around him and his ability to react to that information.

Of course there are the obvious examples like moving out of the fire and dodging the orbs in raid situations but some of the not so obvious examples may be things such as recognizing which quest lines and rewards to choose and how an upcoming patch might effect you.

Since i play this game for fun i’m okay slacking a little on the SA when it comes to choosing the right quest reward or being totally up-to-date on game changes up and coming although i recognize and appreciate it when i see it in others. Where i think we should all toe the line is where other players are going to be effected by our actions and that of course is going to be the raiding scene.


Lacking SA or having inadequate SA has been identified as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error.

It really kills me when people don’t even care they just wiped a whole raid because they didn’t move out of the fire saying something like “oh, i was in the fire? Gosh i didn’t see that.”

It’s a sad truth that most people who are SA impaired don’t realize it. (If you are SA impaired the first steps to finding help is admitting you have a problem: your first act of situational awareness. Woo! your on the right road!)

Not only that you can’t even teach someone to be more aware of their surroundings. You can yell. You can call them a noob. You can even try to explain to them why standing in the fire is bad but in the end they are the ones who have to see the need for it and respond accordingly…./sigh.

Anyway the whole reason i wrote this post wasn’t because i’m the queen of SA. No, it’s because i noticed how, when playing my healer, i would get a seriously bad case of tunnel vision and it got me to thinking about this topic so i thought it might be a good time to take a look at it. Problem is there’s not much to say other then ranting and praising 😛 hmm….

Things off the top of my head that may help?

  • key binding spells?
  • finding some sort of UI configuration that helps you keep an eye on your CD’s and doesn’t pull your eye away from the action?
  • pulling your viewpoint as far back as possible so you can see more?
  • a lot of times if i’m casting a longer spell i’ll use that time to move my camera angle around some to try an get an idea of what’s happening around me

Other then that all you can do is try to be more aware rofl.  Oh! and another helpful tip i read somewhere was to PvP although i know of at least one person who PvP’s constantly and it still doesn’t seem to help them 😦

Anyone else with any helpful input please comments. Except for the blessed few or maybe the wretched few all of us could benefit from good advice =D

❤ you guys,


Psst! Spell Hit Cap at 80?

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May i direct your attention to…


What’s the hit cap Mr. Wolf?

All i can say is HAX! It shoudn’t be this easy to find all the information you need rite?

❤ psy

(psst……it’s 446)

Farewell Friend

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really only discovered this by accident when i started getting tons of traffic to my blog all directed towards all posts jagoex related…

/hugs and luck to you jag


Less Queue Queue More Pew Pew

•November 17, 2008 • 1 Comment

Counting flowers on the wall that don’t bother me at all. Playing solitaire til dawn with a deck of 51. Smoking cigarettes and watching captain kangaroo. Now don’t tell me…..I’ve nothing to do.Julia_Margaret_Cameron-I_wait

Psy’s top 5 things to do while queue queue’ng:

5.) Write witty blogs

4.) QQ in forums about the queue  

3.) Read a book <—-ding chapter 3!

2.) Make a really great press pot full of organic coffee from Nicaragua (this goes really great with the book)

And my ultimate favorite from this week….

1.) Argue with husband over insignificant life details such as….oh IDK how to fold the laundry after he’s been kind enough to do it for the last 7 years because you hate it and would rather play World of Warcraft 😛 (all i can say is full of win)

How are you all spending your Queue time?