My Add-ons

I created a list of my favorite add-ons and made them links for your convenience! Enjoy a little of my world.



Auctioneer is just like it’s name. It scans the auction house for you and gives you a average buy-out and starting bid price. Is very helpful for making gold and deciding what to get rid of when your bags are full (as mine usually are:P)

It comes with some other useful add-ons all in a neat little package.

omen threat meter
Helps to manage mob aggro. A must have for raiding and grouping.

Alot of little mods all together. Has a feature to show you quest levels among other things.

Damage meter.

Puts a little count-down on your dots.

atlas loot
A quick reference in-game to all dungeon loots.

dynamic rep bar
Adds a reputation bar above your XP bar whenever you can rep from that faction.

Turns your clock into a digital display.

Combines all your bags into one big bag.

Tracks herbs and mining nodes for you and adds a note on your map.

deadly boss mods
Assists in all boss fights with helpful warnings and alarms.

OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they’ll be ready for use once again.

ogri’lazy (my new favorite!)


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