Casual vs Hardcore…

or should i say passive player vs active strategist?

I would consider myself a casual player. I raid 3 nights a week usually from 9pm to 11pm. Literally only 6-8hours a week unless i pick up a fail pug or something and i might even be able to get away with less if i really wanted to with the same level of achievement if i decided to be lame and skip progression nights 😛 My guild is working it’s way through H ToC 25 bloodying our nose on Jarraxas. People may consider our guild hardcore because of our level of success in ToC and on some servers maybe we are. I consider us medium hardcore and borderline casual.

Interestingly enough when RL started limiting my playtime is when i became more “hardcore.” When i wasn’t able to play as much as i wanted to i had to decide what i wanted to do with the time i did have. So i chose to spend less time running circles in dal, fielding guild drama, and waiting for an hour for people to show up for a raid and more time actually raiding. That meant i had to make some  changes in my play style. The first one being finding a guild that raided when my RL allowed at the level i wanted so that my time spent playing the game was actually a rewarding experience.

So what did i really change that makes me “hardcore?”  Did i play more? No. I actually played less.

Did i neglect my RL responsibilities so that i could become a WoW god? No. My family is and was my motivating factor for becoming more “hardcore.”

Did i stop being the sweet and gregarious psy that everyone is familiar with in exchange for an elitist jerk attitude complete with it’s own shiny title so you can all see how leet i am?…can i have a second on that one?

The truth is all i did was cut out the insane amount of idle time i spent playing the game and focused on what i wanted to do so i could get crap done. I don’t waste time unless i want to. I don’t play with people who aren’t serious about playing. I make sure i bring the things i need to raid and read all relevant strategies so i don’t have to sit through an hour of explanation before every fight. AND my guild mates do the same as a sign of mutual respect for  each others time. I’m happier in game and in RL as a result. Wow! ALL in less then 15 hours of play time a week. That’s a few hours each night with some weekend playtime thrown in.

What’s my take on the casual vs hardcore debate?

The entire idea of “casual” vs “hardcore” in my opinion was created by lazy unmotivated people who felt entitled to the same rewards and level of respect given to those people who decided to play the game in a conscientious manner and accomplish something. The old adage that casual players aren’t bad players they just don’t have enough time to play and that hardcore players have no life and play 20 hours out of every day in their mom’s basement is a widespread and incredibly pervasively accepted falsehood.  Why?

I have an idea.

As long as lazy/casual people label successful people as losers they can keep being lazy and unsuccessful blaming others and their current situations as the reason for their failures so they can just keep on being lazy without feeling any shame and/or responsibility for it.

Basically they want to run circles around Dalaran and get an achievement for it…i can haz achievement too?

If your playtime exceeds more then 15 hours a week you don’t get to be a whiny little baby over how “casual” you are. my advice to you? Lrn2play noob.

your leet lock,



~ by psychonia on November 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Casual vs Hardcore…”

  1. SHE LIVES!!!

  2. Hey Psy, you are freaking awesome! I really enjoy reading your blog. Oh and as far as the elitist jerk attitude, from an outside view I’d have to say you have a little bit of one(minus the jerk part), but the only people who will really notice it are the failures that can’t compete. Those who can get respect will still have access to the sweet gregarious fun Psy, those who cannot will be left behind running circles in Dal. Have a nice day, see ya in the game.

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