Situational Uses of Buff Food for Warlocks

There are 3 main types of food buffs i use as a raiding warlock: +hit, +haste, and +spell power.

When and where i use them depends heavily on which boss i’m fighting and what gear i’m currently raiding in /available to me. For example i would normally use +haste with my current gear but on the  General Vezax fight i would choose to use +spell power over haste because the shadow crash pools already give %100 percent haste and that to me seems like plenty so now i want to make sure my spells are hitting as hard as possible to take full advantage of the mana i have to use. (plus flaps always brings fish feasts. FREE is always better imo *smile!*) In this case the fight determines the food chosen.

Let’s look at another situational use of buff food where raid composition determines what food i use. For the most part i have the privilege of raiding with a moonkin and a shadow priest which in both cases have talents that increase spell hit but there are those rare occasion where i end up in a raid without them. I run below the hit cap on purpose so i can stack other stats in light of the fact that i can make up for it in raid buffs provided by these guys but in an event such as this i tuck away a little hit food just in case.

You may be asking where can i get this magical food of awesome? Well there are lesser versions of the awesome food but i’m only going to go over the awesome food because it’s more better then the less awesome food. (that whole sentence was just for you Grimmlokk)

Awesome version of +Hit:

worg tatare Worg Tartare      snapper extreme Snapper Extreme

Awesome version of +Haste:

very burnt worg Very Burnt Worg imperial manta steak Imperial Manta Steak

Awesome version of + Spell Power:

fish feast Fish Feast     firecracker salmon Firecracker Salmon     tender shoveltusk steak Tender Shoveltusk Steak

If you’ll notice there is a fish version and a meat version of each type of food and both are pretty easy to farm. I spend about and hour a week farming on top of doing my cooking daily and have more then enough but if your lazy then you’ll probably be able to find what you want on the AH.

happy raiding,


*post edited for accuracy thanks xan =D


~ by psychonia on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “Situational Uses of Buff Food for Warlocks”

  1. DKs don’t give spell hit, the unholy talent your thinking of is ebon plaguebringer which is damage not hit, w/o an unholy DK/Boomkin(earth and moon) you need to put up CoE. W/o a boomkin(Imp. Fairy Fire) or SPriest (Misery) you need more hit rating

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