How I Roll – Practice Dummy FTW!

Okay this is kinda old and outdated but i wanted to illustrate how i use recount and to sorta gauge my dps performance… granted is not the end all be all of dps output.

So how do i practice on the practice dummy?

1.) I set my stopwatch for 5min

2.) I pewpew until time is up switching my shadowbolt spam for drain soul for the last min to try and simulate a boss encounter.

3.) If i am trying to decide on which piece of gear gives me the most dps i do this 3X averaging the results in my spreadsheet for each piece of gear.

4.) Otherwise i do it and compare the differences between my best go and my worst go how ever times i feel is necessary

If you want to really get detailed you can use wow webstats and just load your combat log up but my method seems sufficient for me lol.

Here’s kinda what it looks like:psy-dps-11

*A few notes on warlock dps and rotations.

As i mentioned earlier maxdps is just a starting point if you have no clue where your dps should be for your stats but obviously once that’s established i’m now playing against my best not what maxdps says.

My personal opinion is if you can do you rotation with your eyes shut then it’s gonna make it easier to do it when you can’t have your eyes glued to your dottimer 😛 like in almost every fight except patchwerk right?

3.1 is gonna change things so stop whining and start experimenting

If your instantly awesome then good for you but i need practice to be good and luck lol.

hope this helps somebody =D




~ by psychonia on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “How I Roll – Practice Dummy FTW!”

  1. Thanks! I’ve actually been wondering how other people gauge their DPS on the dummies.

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