Apparently we’re playing tag? lol. I got tagged by Fulguralis from over at Killing ’em Slowly so now it’s my turn to tag some peoples back! suckers… this is long over due.

My very first commenter back in April was from rabbit from The Rabbit and Wow who i think is awesome and i love her blog. Soooo cute!

Blogs that i haven’t been tagged yet…this is going to be hard…

Creeping written by creep the prophet

For the Horde written by fikkle and sylus

Married IRL written by stephie and jason

Deathcoil.org written by jaramon

Greedy Goblin written by gevlon

Alrights! I gots my 5. All of these are worth a read. Way to go blogging community!


~ by psychonia on December 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “TAG! YOUR IT!”

  1. Woah, thanks for the tag. Must go blog!!

  2. Ach… I had no idea that by checking your blog I would now be tagged… merrrr.
    You are fun to read. I cannot boast the same, but at least you know where to find me now.

  3. Just happened to stumble here from Creeping’s blog. Hi! /wave

    Wanted to add that I think this blog is quite a nice read as well and hope you haven’t abandoned it just yet 🙂 See you around!

  4. awe cait thank you! i really appreciate it. i need to add some new posts for sure.

  5. […] need to thank Faradhim of Doctors of Philosophy (post Link) and Psychonia of My Life as a Cartoon (post Link) for posting about well my little blog thing […]

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