Dragon? I see nooooo dragon up in here…

Last Rites got hit with the psy stick for the first time through a series of incredibly unfortunate events on sunday. Ignorance mixed with stupid blizzard game mechanics and psy thrown in on the side created epic fail for 25 other innocent people expecting to kill us a malygos…./sigh.

Lets just say it had something to do with me, a 5 man heroic group for the oculus, and a used raid ID that i was unaware of. Basically i wondered into the wrong portal while looking for the entrance to the oculus. Wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except that apparently the group i was in had cleared heroic malygos earlier in the week and acquired a raid ID for that instance and even though i was NOT in a raid group i got saved to it the instant i zoned in /cry.

Well that’s not really all…

That happened a couple days before our scheduled raid to kill malygos and since i hadn’t been in any 25 mans for the week i was unaware of my saved status concerning the eye of eternity. So when we got to the eye and i zoned in and there was no dragon we just thought it was one of those buggy blizzard things right? Wrong…

The solution we came up with of course was to make me leader and have me zone in first…

As that was happening Kwalan started asking my some questions concerning my raid ID such as…”Psy, have you been in here this week?”


“Do you see the dragon?”


“In your raid log do you have a raid ID for heroic eye of eterenity?”


And before anyone could say DON”T GO IN!!!! 4 others had already done been zoned in and saved to my ninja raid ID acquired through my failzorgs 5man heroic oculus group…

You done been punk’d fool!?!! o.O Nopes, no Ashton Kutcher for us just little ol me and my saved self.

I haven’t even been 80 for a week and it’s already started MUWAHAHAHA!


I’s sowry everyone:(


P.S. Just for the record everyone involved handled the whole fiasco with kindness even though it was incredibly dissapointing and set our guild progression back an entire week. I didn’t even get one angry tell although i did get spammed with /hug from several of my guildies.  Special thanks to our raid leaders who took the time to explain the fight and organize us into 10 mans after our debacle and i’m still waiting for my hug from oxxy…./hug?


~ by psychonia on December 16, 2008.

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