Blogging….we’re gonna need more monkeys

Unrelated headers = WIN!

Psychonia and Psyler have found a new home on Kilrogg…at least for now. It was a hard decision because honestly i love my guild on Windrunner. I’m going to miss them terribly but in the end i wanted to see how life is lived on a higher pop server (horde side).

I applied and got accepted (tentatively) into Last Rites, a low key raiding guild. From first impressions these guys are a hoot and they have treated my app with respect and promptness… big props in my book. At this point Psyler and Psychonia are in the prospective members phase of the process, being scoped out and analyzed for consideration into full membership. This is awesome and not so awesome

1. awesome… i get first dibs on raids and groups, heee =D

2. not so awesome… come on who wants to go through the interview process really?

But hey, whatever happens with my membership it’s still been a blast to hang out with these guys. They remind me of Ordo Veritas a lot and i always loved hanging out with those guys and raiding with them. I have to say i’ve been a pretty lucky chick. I have a lot of good friends in-game and out of game and look forward to creating more. /sigh what a life.



p.s. i had a great monkey picture but it was all broken 😦 booo


~ by psychonia on November 12, 2008.

One Response to “Blogging….we’re gonna need more monkeys”

  1. i misses you…

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