Psy learns how to use Wow Web Stats =D

trioWhen i started raiding with Deaths Blooms and Ordo Veritas i noticed this strange thing  they would do, after every fight someone would post an announcement on the forums that the WWS report was up if anyone wanted to go look at it. Curious lock that i am i decided to check it out and what did i find? A whole freakin detailed report of our ENTIRE fight start to finish! and this report is all bundled up in a nice little package called Wow Webstats.

Granted it can be used in an immature way to trash people and their performance but in that setting with that group of people it never was. I can only say for myself it was nice to have a place to take a critical look at my personal performance as opposed to maybe a very subjective point view from the boss pit where in your own mind you seriously pwned the damage meters 😛

I don’t raid with those guys anymore and Nøvus doesn’t post their reports in the forums so where does that leave me??? I guess i just have to learn to take my own reports =) and that’s what i did yesterday and ate a nice little chunk of humble pie when i took a look at my first successful report form ZA last night with a few of my old friends from DB and OV. (thanks sill for the re-gemming! it could have been sooo much worse, lol)

Realizing i’m still just a mediocre lock aside here’s Psy’s WWS tutorial:

Step 1. Set up your account with Wow Webstats

  • very simple to set up
  • they have 3 version – free (with ads and limited hosting), paid, and guild accounts

Step 2. Create a combat log (this was a tricky part for me :P)

You can do this 2 ways….manually or with this nifty little mod mark showed me yesterday

  • Manually – when zoning into an instance you just use the command /combatlog. Perfect except when your me and you forget to do that and also forget to turn it off 😛 (which you do by using the /combatlog command again.
  • Using an add-on to do the work for you (WIN!) – Download WWSA (which is also the one WowWebstats recommends) and set it up to turn your logs on and off automatically. <3’s my life!!!

Step 3. Download the WWS client from their main page with the button that looks like this =D


and a screen should pop up like this

wws client

Step 4. Upload combat log (also another tricky part)

The combat logs you created are found in your WOW program files in the Log folder and should be named something like WoWCombatLog.txt

  • so click Add Combat Log
  • Choose your log
  • Click Host report and your done!!!

*note* the first time i tried to do this i kept getting an error saying that my combat log was more the 12 hours long….Don’t panic! Combat logs are just text files. Just trim it so you have only one instance and then save it. Should work after that.

So i hope this helps you all cause i was a mess, LOL. WWS has a great help section that explains all this much better then i ever could with lots of tips and trick as well as a forums to help you when your in trouble.

❤ you guys!



~ by psychonia on August 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Psy learns how to use Wow Web Stats =D”

  1. This post here is very very helpful in examining your performance:

    How to analyze your WWS reports as Affliction

    It’s geared towards Affliction locks.. but you can use this info for any spec.


  2. NIB!!!! what great addition to this post and highlights exactly why i love WWS. it really is a great diagnostic tool especially when you have great players of the same class to compare your performance to. Ðesire, Sways, Arlo, and Dottz always challenge me and inspire me to take a look at my play style and improve where i can. being able to see what they are doing different is invaluable beit gear, gemming, or spell rotation.

  3. great simple instructions… will be passing this onto my mates who constantly tell me how hard it sounds… I might take a week off uploading the stats!

  4. This is going to sound stupid, but how do you Trim it so I don’t get that 12 hr error?

  5. hey drew, in your logs folder is where you’ll find your combat log. it’s basically just a text file and can be edited as such. you just have to sift through the time stamps and cut out the extra log entries you don’t want. :/ pain in the butt…easy mode? delete your combat log and start over making sure you load it up after every raid so you don’t accidentally log more then one raid. is what i do.

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