Psy Leads Raid: Everyone Dies

And i die a little inside /cry

Sunday night i got a really rare chance to run an uber win ZA run with some of my friends from another guild Ordo Veritas. We got 3 timed chests and basically one-shotted <—(not sure that’s and actual word btw) every other boss in the instance except bird which we wiped on gauntlet (but still managed timers 0.o)

Anyway, Since monday is the day that they usually do clean up they just happen to have a free night for raiding so what better way to spend it then taking a shot at Mags!…or so me and Tyrannis thought anyway. The thing is Ty didn’t really want to lead it so he kinda suggested maybe i lead?  i thought, “hey! i have been to Mags several times how hard can it possibly be to tell mostly experienced people what to do and when? huh? huh? sure.

dun dun dun….

The long and the short of it was we took 3 fail attempts at Mags before i called it. I chalked it up to the fact that i am just a really terrible raid leader but there were other forces at work that i didn’t find out about until much laters.

A source who shall remain nameless divulged all last night and my eyes were opened to many things i would never expect from the people we were raiding with.

The entirety of group 5 decided they “had never been there before” when several of them actually had and when confronted about it by someone replied, and i quote “dude, if you act like a noob they won’t ask you to do anything complicated.”

Then again I guess they couldn’t be expected to anything too complicated like clicking cubes or interrupts because apparently all the hot Nøvus chicks on vent were too distracting o.0 and besided when will they get to AFK for beers if they actually have to DO something?

and that is the story of how my raid got turned into a sorority party without a single boss downed.

So Ty wants me to do this again? Not so sure anyone will ever want to come to another one of Psy’s raids after all that 😛  I don’t even know if i want to be there! LOL! If nothing else it was a lot of fun and reminded me of how much i miss raiding with certain people *cough* OV *cough* that i haven’t gotten to raid with in months. IDK maybe i will do it again…with someone else doing all the vent talking so certain anonymous peoples can focus solely on downing the boss 😛

Thanks for adding enjoyment to my week everyone that was there! I’ll be laughing over this for quit some time =D

love ya’ll,



~ by psychonia on August 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Psy Leads Raid: Everyone Dies”

  1. Raid leading sucks…welcome to the club =P

  2. joe!!! your blogging again, grats! =) and there’s a club?!!!

  3. We wiped on Eagle himself, not the gauntlet! And I blame Tomina’s mom. No seriously!

  4. hey…i gets to take creative license =)

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