Psy Got an Audit…Be Imba! that is =)

I’m sure as always that i’m late to dinner on this one but a couple of my guildies were auditing their toons on Be Imba! so i thought i’d give psy an audit and see how she does.

I’ve always been curios about sites like these but i think the last one i tried was buggy and would only do toons on euro servers šŸ˜›

So i entered my character realm info and clicked the query button and apparently this is a very popular site because i can’t get past the maxed out wait queue 0.o!

Really though the wait queue goes pretty fast once you get in and after really only a few minutes psy’s report popped out and it looked like this…

psy's audit

What does this mean?!!!!

I need 3 more spell hit šŸ˜› duh

The PVE gear score basically is telling you which instances you should be able to perform well in….I am almost sunwell material apparently.

Here’s a breakdown for you:
Kara: ~110 (roughly a full gear of level 115 blue items (for start))
Mag+Gruul: ~170 (roughly geared with level 115 epics)
ZA: no set value, slightly tuned to be between Mag/Gruul and later stages of SSC/TK
SSC+TK: ~180 (roughly geared with level 120-128 epics (scaling between entry bosses and more complex bosses))
BT+MH: ~200 (geared with 128+ epics)
Sunwell: ~230 (geared with 141+ epics)

The Gear-o-Meter is basically just a visual…the red line is where you next upgrades will come from and the blue line is instances where you will perform well in the gear that is currently equipped.

PvP and PvE are scored separately.

SOOO, my conclusion about all this? I think it didn’t really tell me anything i didn’t know. It’s kinda a fun resource but not really that useful for me since i spend a large majority of the day researching gear and upgrades and what not for psy anyway. (pssst i know i need 3 more spell hit).

One use for it i just thought of is possibly recruiting resource for raiding guilds…it can be a quick check for prospective applicants to get a rough idea of where they’re gear is and if there are any prospective problems with it. i probably wouldn’t use it for in depth evaluation but as a guideline for how well they should be able to perform in said raid or instance…interesting, lol.

Well thanks for joining me on my fun adventure with Be Imba! see you all laters!

ā¤ psy


~ by psychonia on July 21, 2008.

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