Where my CoS go Foo? patch note commentary from Psy

Q. Am i still even qualified to care or comment on the state of the affliction lock changes since switching to the shadow bolt spam loving destro spec?

A. Not really but i’m going to anyway sucka’s.

Honestly i’m not a big patch note commentator. There are a lot of warlocks and Warcraft players in general who have more educated and informed things to say about all the changes that come out so generally i shy away from adding my 2 cents in.

That all said….I have an opinion =) /joy

Pouring over all the blogs for today i was trying to get a general feel for how other warlocks were reacting to Curse of Shadows being wrapped into Curse of Elements essentially eliminating the need to have both curse up at all times. There are some really good points to this, as my good friend russ/cruci pointed out, which includes cutting down on the micro management of curses between locks during raids and allowing CoA to have more up time increasing raid DPS by a marginal amount.

Sounds awesome and i am so onboard but i can’t help but feel that it also reduces the need to have as many affliction locks present at the raid and this is where i am feeling torn.

I love diversity and i think by limiting the overall need/usefulness of a certain spec youĀ  are in danger of losing diversity and pigeon holing people into speccing a certain way because it is the most efficient damage dealing spec.

Maybe this is not a bad thing and i certainly love my destruction spec right now but i also really loved being affliction and that playstyle was a blast.

All in all i’m just feeling a little uneasy for affliction locks everywhere. Maybe completely unfounded…maybe a little paranoid…maybe 0.o

ā¤ psy


~ by psychonia on July 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where my CoS go Foo? patch note commentary from Psy”

  1. Affliction Warlocks haven’t had much love lately. BUT, be sure to respec once WotLK comes out. I’m just sayin… šŸ˜‰

  2. lol, ok šŸ˜‰

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