I carefully saved all my badges for a month, did all my research on which gems and gear are best for starting out, hoped for good drops to help romonkey-gunund it out (which never happened, lol) and lived on Chardev playing my character like a barbie doll swapping out outfits and mixing and matching gems and enchants.

Finally i was at a point where, give or take a few stats, i could conceivably, possibly, maybe be the uber DPS machine that i wanted to be. SO i made the plunge and what did i learn?….


The playstyle of destruction is much much different then affliction.

  1. I don’t have my nice slow to aggro DoT cushion
  2. I don’t have my instant howl of terror /cry
  3. I don’t have my IMP!

What does this all mean you ask?!!

It means i have to make major changes in the way i approach my class. Mana is now and issue to be dealt with – tapping will be a must. How often and when will be something i’ll try to feel out.

I had to think about how to rewrite my trinket macros since i’m not using dots anymore and they were all bound to those. My solution was to go ahead and throw Immolate into my spell rotation strictly for popping my 2min CD trinket. It probably isn’t going to add much of a damage boost but at least i won’t have to think about popping my trinket so much.

I require a lot more shards since sacking succy is sucking up all my shards.

And the big one is the aggro i now generate is insane. Big revelation on that…good things come to those who wait. Also i’m using a lot of soulshatter which was successful for not killing me exactly once last night πŸ˜› (another shard sucker)

so recap, less mana, more shards, more attention to aggro meter = Super Uber Psy…errr… πŸ˜›

love you guys,



~ by psychonia on July 11, 2008.


  1. Hehehe, grats on the change Psy! It does take a LOT of getting used to – I generally have to watch Omen like a hawk. A couple of things that I do are to go a little slow on those first couple of shadowbolts (I also do Curse of Shadows, which gives me a little more time), and pre-emptively Soulshatter when I am equal with the tank’s threat on Omen. There are some pluses though – that 15% extra damage is droolworthy, and the other pet sacrifices often come in handy as well (Going to be taking lots of extra damage? Sacrifice that VW!)

    The shards are a bit of a bother… I usually have to raid with at least a full bag. Even more on wipefests!

  2. welcome to the dark side!!

    We’re actually not that bad mana-wise as long as you plan for it and use every little trick you can to keep mana coming in – we’re certainly not up to an affliction lock, but i nearly always outlast mages. best advice i can give is to be proactive and tap early, and do your best to use those soul leech procs (i’ve said it many times, soul leech is the most unappreciated talent in a destro locks arsenal). every proc on soul leech that you are at 100% for is wasted mana. try to never be at 100% health by tapping so you have room for those soul leech procs, and you’re constantly keeping mana coming in. also, by not being at 100% you’re going to get the odd HoT come your way as well – make sure you use every tick by tapping as it ticks.

    good luck with it, keep us updated πŸ™‚

  3. thanks for the encouragement teepee and sar =) i will definitly keep you updated. so far i’m loving and i think that i will be pwning damage meters soon as i learn to manage aggro, lol!

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