Psy’s 101 Ways not to get Invited back to a Raid – #2

Psy’s new nemesis: The gargoyles of Mount Hyjal -.- 200px-Gargoyle_blue

Truly i exhibited an amazing mix of FAIL and WIN last night.

Boss DPS – Psy so Fly

Gargoyle trash – You can just mark me with a big “L” for LOSER!

Crucifixated/Russ really tried his best to keep me alive and i was doing my best to die in a shadowy FAIL bolt. Actually several of them probably all at the same time.

  • My first mistake was dotting all of the gargoyles at once and throwing a seed to make sure i got any i might have missed.
  • My second mistake was lingering on the hill as i now take damage (as a clothy) from 5-6 flying gargoyles who are very angry.
  • My third mistake was running the opposite direction from Russ when he mentioned (quit casually) that i was out of range of his healing.

You can guess what happens next – Psychonia has been Eliminated

Now the long long oh so long run back into the instance…boo.

But you know me it doesn’t stop there. That scenario played itself out an additional 3-4 more times. I spent the entire second half of the night running from the graveyard to the instance over and over. *squeal* *clap* fun fun.

So Russ, Joe, and Panda you all get shout-outs,

Panda, danke for being kind enough to point out that we had 4 gargoyle grabbers and i really don’t need to try and get them all 0.o

Spell_Holy_SealOfProtectionRuss you are amazing. Thank you for being patient and encouraging while trying to heal a hopeless lock 😛

Joe, thank you for laughing at me. That made me feel a lot better….No really >.<




~ by psychonia on June 25, 2008.

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