Aliens Came and Stole My Blog…Yelp! o.0

A very unfortunate event occurred a couple days ago. My friend Jagoex over at Warlock Therapy had his blog hijacked and every one of his 500+ articles deleted. Over 2 years of work and writings gone…./cry.

No idea at this point who the culprit. My guess? Aliens or…or…or…anonymous nasty mc nasty troll heckler scum puppy not to be confused with skinny puppy but who’s pointing fingers? Makes you wonder who’s gonna be next.

*psy buffs herself with paranoia* +10 to keylogger detection 😛


Jag is a trooper and his hope is to rebuild. He has contacted blogspot and hopefully they will be able to restore some of the posts that he lost.

Good luck rebuilding Jag! Looking forward to the new site.

your friend,



~ by psychonia on June 22, 2008.

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