Death By Dog (and other unpleasant experiences)

Azgalor is a punk who deserved to die…*grumble* stinking rain of fire *grumble* and NØ seriously trashed him which is awesome! But nothing compares to the feeling of doing an excellent job at managing the dogs on High King Maulgar all by my wittle sFelhunter2elf!

Not even 1 person died by dog last night! Usually vent is choked up with comments like:

“dogs are loose”

“i just got ate by a dog”

“hey, who’s on dogs?”


Especially when psy is on dogs o.0 but not last night! Last night i rocked. I managed all dogs all by myself. Woohoo! I’m a big kid now!

I feel i should share my secrets and here’s my biggest one…


That’s it. Basically if you can see them and target them your all good as long as you stay away from no no mobs like Kiggler and Krosh. The rest is up to the heavens since they randomly resist and then you have to start all over again. +Hit might help with the resist’s.

You can also make a /target wild fel stalker macro if you want but i rarely use it unless i can’t see.

What to do with them after you get them you ask? Why sick them on Olm of course. They’re his dogs he should deal with them =). Do not sick them on Krosh…they steal his buff and the mage tank needs it so he can steal it 0.o

I found a nice warlock guide on this pull over at the warlocks den if you want to check it out.

Intermediate Maulgar Info (Gruul’s Lair)

Good luck! and happy hunting…for fel stalkers muwahaha!



~ by psychonia on June 13, 2008.

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