Spec Shmeck: Destruction

Not one article have i read that doesn’t caution you to hold off on spec’ing destruction until you have the gear to support it, nor have i seen one guild that isn’t jonesing for a destruction lock. That left me with this question:

47926If there is NO more DPS to be had by respec’ing what’s the big deal? Is there some hidden raid utility that makes a destruction lock more desirable then an affliction lock or is it just the DPS boost?

To answer my burning question i did a little research and had a chat with our GM.

First off Affliction locks have one major raid specific talent that makes having one or two around really worth it.


This talent makes the destruction locks look that much better imo. The boost to shadow and elemental damage is zuper =) Other benefits to affliction include never running out of mana, and generating less threat (which means you can put out more damage)

I really haven’t seen anything comparable in the Destruction tree. So i came to the conclusion that since there is no burning raid utility that raiding guilds just can’t live without and the only benefit is uber DPS. Spec’ing Destruction before you gear can sustain it is silly and NOT raid friendly no matter what the fat kid down the street says.

So when should/can you spec destruction? At what point is your gear ready?

  1. Hit capped – 202
  2. Crit – 22% with talents in Devastation and Backlash for total of 27%

Conclusion: Don’t be a noob. Do it right.

Something that i’m using to gear plan is Character Development. Also saving my badges and investing them in crit gear from the badge vendor is a good way to start building your Destruction set.

Hope this article helps if your thinking about respec’ing like i am. If your a destuction lock and have something to add please comments me. i loves it 🙂




~ by psychonia on June 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Spec Shmeck: Destruction”

  1. Affliction can also bring “Shadow Embrace” which at 5/5 reduces damage from melee mobs by 5%. It’s not huge.. but it’s better then 0%. And Afflic gets that for free as long as they have dots running on the mob.

    I’m currently spec’d Affliction UA. I’m hitting ~750-800 DPS depending on the fight. Another warlock in our guild who’s spec’d Destruction succy-sac was regularly (and easily) hitting 1k dps.


  2. what’s their crit, hit, and spell damage nib? just curious.

  3. Nicely written Psy! The main advantage that a well geared (emphasis on the ‘well geared’) Destruction lock can bring to a raid is Improved Shadow Bolt. ISB increases the shadow damage taken by a mob by up to 20% (for 4 charges), and this counts for ALL shadow damage dealers in the raid. Of course, a Destro lock has to have enough crit to make it worthwhile to keep this up!

    As an interesting note, DoTs obviously don’t consume charges of ISB – although some people think they do. Things that do are direct damage shadow spells, damage dealt by shadow wands, and a succubus’ Lash of Pain will consume one of the charges.

  4. Good thoughts, Psy. Here’s what I can add:

    When putting together your uber Destruction gear, consider Hit, Crit, AND ESPECIALLY Haste. Once Hit-capped, sacrifice a reasonable amount of Spell Damage and Crit% (as long as it stays around 25-27% after Talents) for Spell Haste. It is a MUST in the Sunwell Plateau, and increases your overall DPS to ridiculous levels. =)

  5. i really appreciate your thoughts sar and jag 🙂
    That’s what haste is for! o,0 i guess ZA is worth running after all, lol.

  6. Psy: sorry, missed the initial reply.

    I actually don’t know his stats.. he has since respec’d to Affliction.

    His reasoning: We’re in Kara. The tank is Kara geared. With him spec’d succy-sac he was ripping aggro off the tank almost constantly. He decided it was better to do less burst damage and bring some utility instead.

    I believe he was at 202 spell hit, 1k shadow damage and ~30% crit but I’m not entirely certain.

  7. thanks nib 🙂

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