Raiding VS Eating

Tobold once again sparks an interesting discussion that has been going around in circles for months. I would say since 2.4 when attunements were lifted and badge loot comparable to the high end purples were introduced.

What i want to add my 2 cents about is that RAIDING IS FUN! Therefore people are still going to raid.

If i was given the choice of running boring dailies every day clearing kara weekly and farming badges for so/so comparable loot or…

Trashing a nasty boss with 25 other people cheering and rejoicing over your phat epics that you just won? Gosh how would you spend your time??

(BTW favorite quote from last night: said to me by Sways after i won the Nethervoid Cloak…”I hate you -.- GRATS!”)

I would rather spend my time with 25 other people working on seriously trashing a big nasty boss even if the loot is the same as farming in the fore mentioned method of gaining loots. BECAUSE it’s so much more fun!

On the other hand I think it’s great that blizz introduced a way for people who are casual or can’t get a 25 man together to keep up with the gear. Honestly i can only see this being advantageous to all of us considering the rate of turnover for raiders.

People drop out and stop playing ALL THE TIME c’mon y’all.

If anything is going to kill raiding culture it’s not having enough people geared to raid especially when it’s way more preferable to recruit people who already have the gear needed as opposed to gearing them yourself.

*psy twirls golden ringlet while staring at ceiling and chewing gum* “so having giant gear gap is a good thing right?”

So those are my thoughts. I like raiding more than eating. i think most people are going to choose to raid because it’s more fun then farming boring content for hours ^.^


that’s just my uneducated, noob-cakeish guess.




~ by psychonia on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Raiding VS Eating”

  1. Raiding is a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoy being a raider, whether it’s forty hours a week as I did pre-TBC or casually a couple of days a week. I enjoy hanging out with friends, I enjoy gabbing, I enjoy formulating strategies for downing bosses, I enjoy moving onto new content, and it’s just awesome.

    Badge loot is a godsend for two reasons. One, it does help with the frequent turnover that occurs in raids (particularly when they aren’t progressing). If they’re already in the appropriate gear, it means that they’re brought up to performance speed rather quickly. Secondly, it shows a level of dedication and interest in the game that might be a good indicator for the raider. Now, badge loot doesn’t necessarily equate skill (and, arguably, any gear can be acquired sans skill in the appropriate, if unlikely, scenarios), but it does mean that the person is a frequent player (who hopefully won’t quit the game in the near future and will probably have high availability) and that he’s willing to expend enough effort to acquire the mutli-hundred number badges required to snag all of the appropriate badge upgrades.

    Congratulations on the cloak and many new phat loots in exciting encounters in the future!

  2. thank cynra +)

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