Kara and Suicide w/ Psy

Guild searching as it turns out is quite an adventure or at least it is when Psychonia is involved o.o

On the heals of rejection i applied to Novus Orsa, one of the 3 viable raiding guilds on our server (pick’ns are pretty slim for raiding guilds around here, boo!) wow-karazhan

Honestly i am pleasantly surprised to find NO has some incredibly amazing and kind officers.

Liz a.k.a. Sways who i’m assuming is one of the recruiting officers pretty much went out of her way last night to get me in on a Kara run with some NO members so they could get a feel for what kind of player i am before making any decisions on my invite.

Poor, Poor Novus Orsa

Poor, Poor Liz

I puttered around inside of Kara for 10 min wondering where all the bosses were and where my prospective guildies were, ported myself up to Aran’s room and committed SUICIDE to get out before someone had the brilliant idea to check my raid info to see if i was saved…which of course i was o.0

sowry guys…I did not get to raid with you but i found out i like you ^.^ and hopefully i will be able to run something with you guys this week that is not full of fail, on my end of course =).

your crazy neighborhood lock,



~ by psychonia on June 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Kara and Suicide w/ Psy”

  1. Lol. Nice one Psy!

  2. ok this deserves an update.

    unbelievable things happen to goofcakes and i am living proof!

    I got invited to Mount Hyjal for my RE-trial run, downed Kaz, and won NETHERVOID CLOAK!

    Holy freaken ef!

    Novus Orsa, I love you!

    *sigh* life is good

  3. Oh very nice! Big congrats!

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