It’s Time for Another…Blog You Down

First off i’d like to start by saying i love to over-use ellipsis =) Grammar Girl BTW rocks! Super awesome grammar podcast that helps you become a better writer on the technical side of things.

Tangenting on i would like to point out that everything i’ve ever wanted to learn i can learn for free via the internet. College pssh. Examples, free creative writing classes, free bookkeeping classes, free photoshop tutorials along with a myriad of other art tutorials, language classes, guitar classes…etc. Classroom settings are awesome too and i take classes sometimes for things like voice lessons that require another ear to help correct you but all in all the interweb rules!

Ok on to my top 3 blogs this week…

  • Eating Bees: I personally love the tone of this blog. Written by Sanya Weathers who is the Director of Community for She’s pretty spunky. Check it out.
  • Tobolds MMORPG Blog: You don’t always have to agree with him but this guys has close to 5 years blogging experience (probably more) and some thought provoking ideas that at the very least spark some interesting discussion.

And for the last one i decided to jump on the bandwagon. This isn’t technically a blog but it’s all the rave in the blogging sphere right now.

  • Twisted Nether Blogcast: Up and coming new podcast. So far only 2 episodes but what they’ve published so far is very promising. Actually i can’t wait for more from these guys. They feature guest bloggers and offer news and goodies galore.

So a tiny tangent, 3 blogs, and a grammar lesson (kinda) not to bad for a mornings work. Time for another cup of coffee and some number crunching =)

later y’all,



~ by psychonia on June 5, 2008.

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