Guild Hopping and the Current State of WOW

I never really thought i would be one of those but i recently applied to another guild on my server and it’s really not that long since i joined Deaths Bloom.

I think what i am experiencing is a nasty affect of the WoW game design that bites every player in the butt at some point.

In my humble opinion there are really 2 kinds of players in MMO’s (because i don’t think this is WoW specific.) There are the achievement driven players or those whose play style is goal driven and then you have the RP and socially motivated people who play strictly for the friends and interactions from other players.

Up until just recently i was able to live in both worlds rather seamlessly and i think World of Warcraft does a really good job of integrating both play styles very well until you’ve reached a certain level of achievement and then the cream separates from the fat so to say.

I, unfortunately, happen to be a goal oriented player 😦 which means that WoW is going to start dragging unless i am progressing which sparked my last guild move from a casual raiding guild to another casual raiding guild that just happened to be raiding more than the first one. o.0

Even though i am a goal oriented gamer i still value the social side of this game and that was why i chose Deaths Bloom. Ironically it is the same reason i am choosing my prospective guild. I want to play with people i like and progress at the same time.

I’m hoping this is not to much to ask from life. Can i have my cake and eat it too?

I think another factor comes into play and that is Pre-expansion burn-out where i see a lot of players come to the end of accessible content and start fading from the game.

They start alts they don’t really want, PvP out of boredom, and eventually quit WoW deciding to give LoTRO another try even though it made them seasick the first time…hmmm, a lot like me 0.o. Kinda.

Will WoTLK end all of the waning and restlessness that so many gamers are experiencing? Probably for a little bit but it will all come back around again i’m sure.

Until then i guess there is AoC and the new and improved LoTRO. Personally i’m waiting for Warhammer to come out, hehe. =)




~ by psychonia on June 4, 2008.

One Response to “Guild Hopping and the Current State of WOW”

  1. I know how you feel, Psy. Been there myself, and it wasn’t a walk in the park.

    Having your cake and eating it too is your right, but where things get complicated is if others loath you for eating your cake, displaying yourself for all to see. Resentment soon follows, and with that, a reputation you must work to prove false.

    Finding a good balance between gaming and the social is the true “game” in WoW. Here’s to hoping we all get it some day.

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