Tips for DoT Sensitive Bosses


DoT, DoT, DoT…sbsbsbsb

DoT, DoT, DoT…sbsbsbsb

DoT, DoT “10 SECONDS STOP DOTS!” -raid leader


combat log- Hydross the Unstable eliminates psychonia

From a warlock point of view where your dots last anywhere from 15 to possible 24 sec or more and is a large portion of your DPS a 10 second warning isn’t going to be effective for us to stop our dots 0.o

Without getting into specifics let me share with you a couple of great tips for DoT sensitive boss fights that will hopefully save you from being the cause of your party’s mortal fail = no fun 😦

#1 Know how long each of your DoTs last. Know thyself…since the timing of your dots depend on your spec and gear.

#2 Read up on the bosses… so you know where key timing queues are and can form a strategy around them that fits your playstyle.

#3 If you forget and accidentally throw up CoA you can nullify it by throwing up a CoS or CoE =) <———personal favorite tip for DoT bosses of all time!

Anyway, again this is for my own personal reminder but i hope it helps you as well. If anyone had anything to add please feel free to leave comments 🙂



~ by psychonia on May 29, 2008.

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