Gearing Your Warlock for PvP (before i forget where i should spend my honor…again)

I briefly mentioned the crazy new concept of thinking…about your PvP gear and while there is no right or wrong way to do things, there is definitily a better way then the anarchy that is my personal de facto.

One recent thing about PvP gear is that you should never have less then +200 resilience since patch 2.errr something because of the PvP rep gear you can get from faction vendors that is cheap and doesn’t even require that much rep to get (honored?)

*note* i know i’m being lazy by not looking all the facts up but you can stop being lazy and look them up yourself. anyway it’s my blog “i do what i want man” -DG

So the reputation PvP pieces are a good way to fill in your gear holes until you kill enough gnomes to get the really good stuff.

That brings me to the real reason i wanted to write this post. To remind myself where i should spend my honor and where i should spend my arena points. And here’s the list that i found at Girl Meets WoW but i can’t find the post i saw it in anymore, so sad :((, that gets a double frown, oops tangent sowry guys back to the list…

You should spend your honor points on:





You should spend your arena points on everything else…hehe! that’s it.

Now get to work and trash us some gnomes!




~ by psychonia on May 28, 2008.

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