Reworking my UI this weekend

Ok, i’m going to break down and give Fubar a try. There seems to be alot of very useful plug-ins and isn’t the memory hog that i’m worried that it’s going to be.

I got really inspired to rework my UI after coming across this WoW-insider article featuring Adoru’s UI.

Adoru goes into alot of detail behind the reasonings and design behind her/his UI and it looks super versatile integrating several styles of play and classes without hogging up all your available memory for all of us who don’t have 4gigs to work with =) And actually this player runs with only 1gig.

Another thing that i liked about this article was the list of Fubar plug-ins w/explanations. I’m sure there’s a list somewhere with all available Fubar plug-ins i just haven’t found it/ been to lazy to look, hehe.

Also thinking about trying the other features like the round buttons and mini-map add-on.

This will be a real branching out for me since i’ve basically just used the default UI since i started playing 0.o I did have one UI adventure where i tried MazzleUI cause i thought it would look cool but almost ended up reinstalling the entire game i messed up my folders so bad 😛

I shall keep you updated and post before and after pictures unless something goes horribly wrong in which case i will just be sitting in my room crying.

Wish me luck friends!



~ by psychonia on May 23, 2008.

One Response to “Reworking my UI this weekend”

  1. Ahhh That’s why you asked about Unitframes.

    FYI, a while back I did a “State of the UI” post. It’s located here:

    Good Luck.


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