Graveyard Camping in WSG w/ the Flag Carrier and Other Mis-adventures 0.o

2 I’ve been back from vacation for exactly 2 days and already i’ve managed to partake in someone else’s act of stupidity. I guess that makes me an accessory to crime?

I was happily minding my own business in WSG guarding the flag carrier readying my Death Coil and instant Howl of Terror for all potential threats when for whatever reason the FC ( i really can’t figure out why) decided to take a pit stop at the enemies graveyard.

Honestly i really wasn’t thinking about what he was doing or why he wasn’t running to our base i just figured he must have a good reason for doing this or some kind of strategy to his actions that i was too much of a noob to figure out.

At some point i realized that while it’s a lot of fun killing the same hunter over and over that eventually more then just the hunter is going to get rezzed and then we will be in trouble o.0. Sure enough 4 guys rezzed at once trashed us, we lost the flag, and the other team got the point. BOOO!

I whispered him and asked him why he was camping the graveyard (since now i realized how stupid that was) and he made some kind of lamo excuse about using some druid ability and then deserted 😦


Not long after that i managed to misspell disguise pretty terribly via /say in the Hall of Braves 😛 way to go psy.

In other news i’m gearing to resume regular blogging so watch out world. Hope you all haven’t missed em too much. I know i’ve missed you 🙂




~ by psychonia on May 22, 2008.

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