Töten Sie den Drachefalkejungen: Update on Jan’Alai aka dragonhawk boy

Ok the Drachenfalkejungen is still giving your lovely Hexenmeister a run for her DM’s or i guess now they would be using euro’s 😛 So i’ve decided to go over the problems that i’m still having with this silly boss. I found a great strat guide but it’s in german so if you want to read it you’ll have to use Babelfish, which i use alot when i play on Brettspielwelt.

I am not dying terrible fiery deaths but i am still failing at a couple key points.

Psy’s fail points:

  • Killing Brutwächter to early

I was going to blame this on raizon but then i looked at the combat log and it was undeniably me. My first clue was the line that said “Psychonia eliminates Amani’shi hatcher”

o,0 oops.

So that needs a little work and coordination.

  • Navigating Flammenatems

When these happen to me i panic and run in circles. Is that a bad thing?

With this i really need to work on my awareness of others around me and move accordingly as opposed to the panic strategy that i’ve been employing. Also if it’s me that is targeted then maybe i should just stand still? hmmm.

Psy’s win points:

  • I didn’t get with a Feuerbombe! (thanks to camera angling)
  • I figured out where to stand while sill is gathering the drachefalken! (thanks spring!)
  • I have a better feel for the fight in general.

* a note to myself about the drachenfalken, i think it’s ok if they are up during the feurerbombe phase. They just need to go down before the next 2 Ausbrüter. Someone please correct me if i’m wrong.

Haha! i love german! Really though if you love board games and want to practice your german please check out Brettspielwelt. It really is an awesome sight. I don’t feel bad at all for making this post hard to read.

“It’s my blog i do what i want man.” -DG


~ by psychonia on May 6, 2008.

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