Blog for You? No, Blog for me =)

Again it’s time for me to share some of my favorite blog finds. Wonderful, witty, provocative for what it’s worth here they are.

  • gnome_girl1Mystic Chicanery: World of Warcraft helpful tips and tricks from a grrl gamer.


I really love this blog. Of course i only found it yesterday but it’s meets all my criteria for a great blog. It’s an easy and fun blog to sink your time into =)

  • lischka_5Player vs Developer: There’s PVE and PVP, and then there’s PVD: Developers design content, and players choose whether to use it.


Ack! they’re all gnomes! Oh well, their blogs still rock! Interesting viewpoint. This one is filed under provocative.


Incredible arena resource. You can browse strats, chat on the forums, and get the latest arena specific news. The only bummer is all the advertisements and they are still missing a couple of class combos (which one of my friends theorized means that they are bad combos 0.o) But i think it just means they haven’t had any guides submitted. *crosses fingers for mage/warlock and druid/warlock 2v2 guides soon* >.<

There you go folks! My favorites from this week.



(booo! sometimes wordpress formatting sucks :P)


~ by psychonia on May 2, 2008.

One Response to “Blog for You? No, Blog for me =)”

  1. Awww.. you say the nicest things 🙂

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