Life Tap etiquette: guilty pleasure or raiding necessity?

Spell_Shadow_BurningSpirit This is an important topic for raiding locks and the issue is do i tap or not and should i expect a heal in combat if i do?

The answer for both questions seems to be…

Yes and Yes!

Of course out of combat is another story and everyone seems to be in agreement that tapping out of combat and then whining for a heal is the height of raiding rudeness.

There was a very good discussion going on in the warlock forums on Tap vs Heal and even though some posts degenerate into such comments as “get a clue noob” over all i think it’s expressive of both sides of the issue. Take a look…

Tap vs. Heals

Personally i felt very bad about tapping and then getting a heal until a couple days ago Arlona and Jhasmine informed me that the whole reason Jhasmine always beats me on the damage meters is because i don’t tap and he does!!! o,0

Honestly i was just trying to do the right thing in a raid situation and not take advantage of our healers mana but what Jhasmine and Arlo were telling me is that DPS is more important in a drawn out fight and for the most part healers understand. Apparently my sweetness was gimping my DPS. Who would have thunk?

The balance is …

  1. understanding that the tanks will always be 1st priority and
  2. using you tap responsibly by trying not to tap for more then you can bandage/drain life in a pinch

So there you go.

I for one will be utilizing this tool in the future without feeling guilty about it and smashing Jhasmine in the damage meters as a result.

*evil grin*



~ by psychonia on April 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life Tap etiquette: guilty pleasure or raiding necessity?”

  1. I always tap, and when I’m healing and I notice we have a ‘lock who isn’t tapping, I tell them to. A single rejuv or lifebloom is usually enough to cover it, and if your healer can’t spare that or the equivelant, there’s probably something wrong!

  2. I have the same issue as a shadow priest – I feel guilty about using shadow word: death in the middle of encounters, even when I know my vampiric embrace should repair the damage eventually. A badly timed crit can take off a third of my health and I don’t like giving healers another body to worry about. Good to know I’m not the only one with these dilemmas!

  3. In raids I tap my little heart out – it probably also helps that I have my own personal pocket healer (<3 Kalf!), but I don’t like to waste DPS. I also find that a quick tap in down time before drinking works wonders – if you tap your mana to around equal to your HP, then eat, the process goes alot faster, and you avoid that nasty pull-before-full-mana. Just make sure your healers know you don’t expect heals then!

    In 5 mans I tend to avoid tapping wherever possible until the healer tells me their own opinion on it – I have had some healers say it’s fine, and others complain. I have also had tanks abuse me for pulling aggro through life tap *rolls eyes*.

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