Spell Hit (for comparison sake)

Here’s an example of how a little spell hit can make a big difference. The first screen shot is a successful killing of Gruul’s where my spell hit was sitting at +90 (the minimum) with 5 points in suppression

The second is an attempt that we made on Hydross yesterday. My spell hit was sitting at +157 with 3 points in malediction. Unfortunetly the instance server crashed right before we downed him so we couldn’t complete the fight (stupid blizzard :P) but i think it’s still good for a comparison.


gruuls april 6 Please note the percentage of mitigated damage which is how much the boss resisted your spells.



hydross april 27

So you can see how spell hit makes a big difference =)




~ by psychonia on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Spell Hit (for comparison sake)”

  1. Wow, nice 🙂 Grats on getting the hit up there!

  2. i’m sorry guys…honestly the Missed% is a better indicator of spell hit effectiveness…still proves my orginal point but i did get it a tiny bit backwards…sowry

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