DPS report card

Sillaria, our GM, let me know this week that my DPS had gone from 700 dps to 900 dps! Woot! Now that’s more like it!

Here are the 2 major changes that i made…

  1. Made macros to make sure my trinkets stayed popped every time they are available for use
  2. Started stacking spell hit again

I didn’t make major spec changes and i didn’t make major gear changes.

I think i might have re-gemmed a couple things for more +spell hit, switch Quaqmirran’s Eye for Scryer’s Bloodgem, and moved a couple points out of suppression into malediction.

Not very big changes but it seems like it made quite a bit of difference. =)

go psy!


~ by psychonia on April 26, 2008.

One Response to “DPS report card”

  1. Wow thats nice, congratulations! Getting that spell hit up there can be a pain in the patoot, can’t it? But I guess it’s well worth it in the end

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