QQ’ing in the office episode II

So my life is great and here’s a couple more reasons why…

1.) Our office just happens to have an extra professional grade espresso machine lying around and this week one of the dandy-handy men decided it was time to get it hooked up and operational. Hehe…so now i can enjoy latte’s and iced coffee’s first thing in the morning but mainly i just throw about 4 shots in my mug and fill the rest with some good ‘ole joe.

I wonder what you would call that?
1 shot + coffee = red eye
2 shots + coffee = black eye
3 shots + coffee = hit over head with stick?
4 shots + coffee = suicide watch?

If anyone knows the technical terms for this let me know =)

2.) I just found out that I get to start a new job in August keeping the books for our new coffeehouse/skateshop! I’m very excited and happy and the coffee keeps flowing!

Like i said…what a great life…did you feel that tremor? o.o


~ by psychonia on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “QQ’ing in the office episode II”

  1. Shots of coffee with joe= a shot in the dark, or 4 shots in the dark in some cases 🙂
    If your into heavy caffeine intake try liquid cocaine (4 shots with a scoop of white chocolate powder), should do the trick.

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