Wowjutsu and you or really just me

I changed my wowjutsu badge. I particularly like how the evil grinning skull looks like it has a tiny tear runny down his cheek =)

World of Warcraft Guild Rankings

Check! Added to my favorite websites!

psst…our horde rank is #7 and moving up fast!


~ by psychonia on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wowjutsu and you or really just me”

  1. Oh how I wish I played on a server that had a healthy and mature competitive spirit. Grats on your performance!

  2. we have a great server. even our forum trolls are very endearing.

    funny story…
    i was surfing around on another random realm forum just for fun (area 52) and i come across a fresh thread started by someone i’ve never heard of rallying people to troll the windrunner forum because our trolls aren’t controversial enough and all we do is help each other and talk about love!

    i couldn’t help but laugh.

    that’s when we gained our favorite forum troll…mcstabberson.

    just an example:

    windrunner forum love

    and mcstabber example:


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