Coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy


As you all know I’ve been trying to work on ways to improve Psy’s DPS performance for the last week or so and this weekend i was finally going to get my chance to see if all my hard work was paying off…or so i thought.

Every week we do 25mans on Sunday afternoon and hit Zul’Aman on Monday night. I was viewing both raids as a great opportunity to check my DPS progress against my peers and foes.

I was very encouraged on Sunday when Sillaria whispered me to let me know he was noticing an improvement in my DPS. Wewtness! But that is where the fun stops and the nightmare begins.

We blew through Gruul’s lair like butter. Easy peasy. NO surprises there.

Then we moved on to Lurker who is also on “farm” status for us. I did pretty good on our first attempt everything seemed to be going well but unfortunately resulted in a wipe. No Biggie lets just try again. Second attempt was wipe fest revisited and we finally got him down on the third attempt. Awesome…except for my plan to measure my DPS progress.

Our first 2 attempts i didn’t take an inventory because of the wipes but was planning on going all out on the third (well as much as you can on lurker anyway :P) Unfortunately i got SPOUTED 10 seconds into the fight while trying to move islands! ERRRRRG!

So i basically ended up useless and broke the first rule of maximizing DPS…DON’T DIE!

Ok, ok, no problem Monday is coming and i’ll get to see how i do then,

or so i thought…

Monday comes along and we do awesome. We got both the bear boss and the bird boss down under the timers! Woot! GO TEAM!

But my DPS was still hovering around 550 damage per second and that just seemed strange because i’ve definitely done a lot better before and i should be seeing some kind of improvement now that i’m keeping my trinkets popped more but i though “oh well, i’ll just try harder.”

We got all the way to the linx boss when i opened my bag for something and noticed all my raiding gear in there and NOT on my person! OH EM GEE GUYS!

Psy strikes again. I guess there’s always next week 0.o I love misadventuring in Azeroth. I just feel bad for the poor souls who group with me ;P




~ by psychonia on April 15, 2008.

One Response to “Coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy”

  1. Lol. Note to self, don’t make character on Windrunner 😉

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