More Bang for my Buck – DPS part II Using Trinkets

As promised here’s the second half of my DPS musings. In this article i want to talk about incorporating trinkets into your spell rotation. I’ll be taking the 2 easiest warlock trinkets to obtain and we’ll explore how to set-up Macros to help you get the most out of them. psst, sounds intimidating but really it’s not.

First off i am a serious macro noob and it was really only last week after getting pwned on the damage meters by jhasmine…(-.-) that i really wanted to see what i could do to improve my DPS.

Jhas is the type of warlock that does everything right. Picks the right gear, does the quests that give the right rewards, and focuses on productive rep grinding vs. Psychonia who picks the wrong faction, the wrong professions, chose gear based on a MAGE she admires, and decided to grind ogres for 3 1/2 levels for a vanity mount 😛 hehe.

Ok enough of that back to what were talking about…trinkets…hmm yes

The whole idea is to keep your tinkets popped every time they are up so you can get the most DPS out of them. This might not be ideal in all situations but i think it is in most (or at least that’s what i am told).

I accomplish this by creating macros that pop my trinkets when i cast certain spells in my spell rotation.


So my spell rotation looks like this:


Three easy trinkets to acquire are Ancient Crystal Talisman, Xi’ri’s Gift, and Scryers Blood Gem.

A little bit about each one…

Ancient Crystal Talisman is a quest reward you get after completing A Spirit Alley in zangamarsh.

Xi’Ri’s Gift is a rep reward you get when you hit revered with the Sha’tar.

Scryer’s Bloodgem is a rep reward at revered with Scryers.

All easily obtainable =)


The first macro i use is Amplify Curse + CoA. Not really anything to do with trinkets but here it is:

#showtooltip Curse of Agony
#show Curse of Agony
/cast Amplify curse
/cast Curse of Agony

Then i chose to bind my next trinket to my Corruption spell. If you were to use the ancient crystal talisman it would look like this:

#showtooltip Corruption
#show Corruption
/use Ancient Crystal Talisman
/cast Corruption

My second trinket i chose to bind was Scryer’s Bloodgem to my Unstable Affliction and it would look like this:

#showtooltip Unstable Affliction
#show Unstable Affliction
/use Scryer’s Bloodgem
/cast Unstable Affliction

Switch your spells out on your casting bar for the macros and every time you cast one of these spells it will activate the trinket it’s tied to if it’s available for casting and not on cool down.

And that is basically it. These are just examples and you can choose any trinket you want for these macros.


  • If the warnings get really annoying you can turn them off in your sound menu.
  • If you choose this as your icon then if will change the image to the spell that is after the #sign.
  • If the big red warning sign’s are annoying you can add this script to your macro to turn them off. /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
  • For accuracy you can right click on a spell in your spellbook or trinket in your character window when writing your macro. Kinda like linking an item in chat.

Like i said i’m a noob and i’m still experimenting so if anyone has anything to add please leave some feedback. I’m sure there are many many ways to skin this cat but i hope this at lease gets it shaved o.0

goodluck on your own DPS journey guys.




~ by psychonia on April 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “More Bang for my Buck – DPS part II Using Trinkets”

  1. Very good post with some excellent tips, Psy.

    One thing I have wondered (but never got around to actually testing) is whether or not popping a trinket before applying DoTS is more/less effective than popping trinkets before Shadow Bolt spamming.

    For single-target bosses, I spec 40/0/21 (which means I should probably spec 0/21/40, but Affliction is so much more fun to play!), and I make a habit of popping the trinkets after I apply all of my DoTS. That way, I have the extra spell damage applied to a maximum number of Shadow Bolts per trinket cycle.

    I wonder if those extra S.B.s outweigh the extra damage would-be trinketed-DoTS put out. Time to do some math. ^.^

  2. *noob warning*

    i chose to pop before because i can only get a couple shadow bolts off before i have to reapply dots anyway. The mileage i got out of my trinkets seems to more then cover the measly 3 SB’s that i am able to cast:P

    also i have the the Icon of the Silver Crescent with the nice long effect time of 20sec. so maybe a different strategy for trinkets with shorter durations?

    *side note*
    thank you for the thoughtful comment jag! let me know what you find out.

  3. I too use trinket macros, though mine use which ever trinket’s not on a cool down at the moment, sometimes both at once, which most tanks used to hate when my priest was shadow specced, haha.

  4. […] macros to make sure my trinkets stayed popped every time they are available for […]


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