Still trying to get the most bang for my buck – DPS


Having been pwned on the dmg meters by locks with less spell damage then me (jhasmine -.-) i’ve felt the drive to re-examine some play style elements that have a direct impact on damage out-put. I have decided to go ahead and create one large article instead of breaking it up into 3 small articles. I apologize if it gets too long. This article is addressing raiding affliction locks specifically since i am one of those, lol.

The things i’m looking at include:

  • stacking correct stats
  • spell rotation
  • and maximizing use of trinkets that are available to you

Let’s look at the most basic…


When your leveling a lock your most important stat is stamina. The reason for this is survivability. You want to level quickly without dying all the time 0.o

After level 70 the game changes from surviving to becoming a mean-green-killing machine. Your stat requirements have now shifted to include things such as spell damage, spell hit, crit, and then stamina.

level of importance usually is as follows – spell damage > spell hit > crit > stamina.

Spell damage:

The type of spell damage you are going to stack is shadow for an affliction lock. The frozen shadoweave set is some of the best +shadow damage gear in the game and the best part about it is you don’t have to set foot in an instance. You will however need to be a tailor and farm mats like crazy. I suggest start saving for it before 70. Otherwise items like Orb of the Soul eater and Ritssyn’s Lost Pendant are great items for warlocks to strive for.

Spell hit to cap?:

This almost deserves it’s own article but i think i can make it short and sweet. I’m about to take a lot of liberty and assuming that most of you understand what hit is and if you don’t you can find out the exact definition here.

Achieving the spell hit cap can mean different things depending on your spec. For example an affliction lock will have 5/5 talents in suppression. This reduces the chance that your affliction spells will be resisted by %10 BUT….

Only your affliction spells and not your shadow bolts which make up probably half of your DPS. So you might stack 90 hit to cap your affliction spells but if you want to go the extra mile go ahead and stack some more for your shadow bolts.

Cap to include your shadow bolts will be 202 hit. Cap without considering your shadow bolts will be 90.

This major misunderstanding about the suppression talent i think definitely contributes to my low DPS as of late and i hope this helps you out as well.

That really hits my most dramatic revelations about stacking the right stats so i think it’s safe to move on =)


Everything I would have to say about that is truly and completely covered by my previous post. If i need to add anything about it i would have to say be thoughtful about your dot timers and that will help you determine in which order to apply them.

There was a post in the forums that talked about applying UA and then Corruption but i’m sure this is a matter of taste and whatever works for you is fine.

jagoex Also Jagoex over at Warlock Therapy delves a little more into this issue and has a ton of great things to say about it.


My ADD strikes again!

Part 2 coming soon.




~ by psychonia on April 8, 2008.

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