What’s in a name? And Who is the real Harvey Pekar?

Well for a very long time i was the only Psychonia in all of Azeroth. It was wonderful to be so unique. To be able to choose such an original name that none had thought of using before without having to stick a funky accent on it or omit some crucial vowel. What joy to enter my toons name in the armory search engine and only she would appear.

A beacon of uniqueness.

This morning i brushed my teeth, made a pot of coffee, and settled into my computer to write up a page on Psychonias’ loot upgrades. i logged onto WordPress first to anchor myself and then proceeded to do an armory search on Psychonia…

just like i have done everyday pinky,


No, no, that’s a different thing i try to do everyday. Back to the armory search this morning…

That is when it first appeared.


I’m curious to see who this new Psychonia really is. Interesting they chose to also play a warlock similarly to the original but i have to ask…are you mocking me?

This will be followed up on. oh yes.

*The title to my post is in reference to a monologue that was introduced in the movie American Splendor.

The main character Harvey Pekar is having a think tank about what’s really in a name after discovering another Harvey Pekar in the phone book and then later even another one.

Great movie. My husband loves it. And of course i do too 🙂


~ by psychonia on April 5, 2008.

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