The Latest Version of Omen

If you are in a raiding guild and depend on omen as your threat meter you are probably pulling your hair out right now. Omen is releasing new improved versions everyday and everyone in your raid has to have the same one for it to work properly.  To find the latest version use this link and scroll down to the last version on the page. 

Looks plain but it works to get everyone on the same version. Less wipes woot!

That’s not all. If you had a previous version of Omen installed you might find that it won’t work at all. Blizzards solution is to delete your whole WTF file. Kinda lame considering you will lose all your interface setting and macros.

Before you do that try just deleting your Omen saved variables files.

Make a back-up copy of you WTF before you delete anything and stick it in your documents folder or something just in case you mess something up real bad (you probably won’t)

You can find your saved variables by opening up you WTF /account folder/username folder/saved variables folder.

Delete everything that says Omen.

You can also go into your realm folders and clean out Omen from your saved variables files on each of your main characters.

That looks something like this WTF/account folder/username folder/realm name folder/character folder/saved variables folder.

Anyway, hope that was helpful.




~ by psychonia on March 31, 2008.

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