Introducing 2.4 all your add-ons are belong to us

So all my add-ons broke.

And i have to admit that i’ve been very lazy about updating them but as a penance for my lackadaisical attitude i bring you some post 2.4 add-on update resources =)

Wow Interface actually has a great page of updated mods and add-ons. If i find more i’ll post them but until then here you go.

wow interface

OK so i started updating and here’s my list of updated mods. I still need a damage meter and my Dottimer.

My Clock


Atlas loots

Orgri’lazy (trying for the first time)



Dynamic rep bar



Deadly Boss Mods -check for further updates

CTmod-check for further updates


~ by psychonia on March 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Introducing 2.4 all your add-ons are belong to us”

  1. Your messages are always thoughtful and well-written, but I sensed that experts and people with an opposite bias might not think that you focused on the most important or interesting aspects of the subject. ,

    • Ya, rereading some of the posts they come off as a little flippant and although some of them are exhaustive they don’t really give me a sense of any new insight. But then again this blog was mostly just to get my thoughts and ideas out and to ruminate over certain issues i found popping up as i was playing the game. And to some extent be my own set of resource pages that could be shared if it was deemed helpful.
      thanks for your comment roy!

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