Death Coil and Shadowburn

Well yesterday’s adventures really got my inspired to talk about 2 warlock abilities/spells that i attribute to my pvp pwnage. And those 2 spells are Death Coil and Shadowburn.


death coil First let’s talk about Death Coil. This is a spell you get at level 42 which is probably the most basic in warlock strats for PVP. Unfortunetlly for me i was PVP’ng for quit a long time before i really had any idea how to use this spell. You can just call me Psychonia rogue bait o.0

This spell is awesome for 2 reasons:

1.) It’s instant cast fear

2.) It’s instant cast fear. No really…it’s instant cast fear

Why is instant cast fear so important in PVP?

Well one way for warlocks to give themselves an edge over other classes is to use fear effects to keep your attacker away from you so that you can load them up with DoT’s while they run around like a chicken with their heads cut off. if you have any time in between Dot’ing and fearing you laugh at them. hehe. There are other classes such as priests who have fear abilities as well but no one does it as well as a warlock.

Rogues on the other hand and some other melee classes rely on interrupting your spells and stuns to keep you from casting ANYTHING let alone your fear effects. >.< evil naughty rogues…

Since Death Coil is instant cast the chances of being able to use it on a smelly rogue is very good. It’s not a spell that last a very long time but it gives you a breather to go ahead and cast…dun dun dun

32px-spell_shadow_possession.pngFEAR! Now stack those DOTs! Btw, Don’t forget to laugh =)


shadowburn I wanted to talk about Shadowburn second because this is more or less a finishing move. To get it you have to have 11 or more talents in the tree of Destruction so not all warlocks have this ability. It is also instant cast that costs a shard to use and blasts the target for a decent amount of shadow damage. In addition if the target dies within 5 sec you get your shard back.

My first thoughts on this particular spell went something like… “hey wait a minute…so i spend a shard to get a shard? huh? what the heck is the payoff?”

didn’t sound that great to me.

But this is the reason for a lot of warlocks making the top of the killing blows list.

Again here is why it is great…


you use this on your target when they are close to 10% health or almost dead. Basically you are trying to kill them before they have time to use any heal or evade tactics that they’ve been saving to use in case of an emergency(just like this one!). But wait…what? i’m dead! i was gonna use this super uber bubbly/heal/dealy-yo…Ugggg! {insert pally nashing teeth and pulling hair.}

9 times out of 10 you win! awesome eh?

Grats on your uberness and now you get your shard back. Wewt!


~ by psychonia on March 28, 2008.

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